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Damien Long Skibbereen

Damien Long

Managing Director

In the year 2000, at the young age of eighteen, Damien Long took over the management of Dave Long Coach Travel, which had been established by his parents Dave and Patricia thirty-one years previous. Damien has come from a long line of innovators with his grandfather Ernest Donelan transforming his business in the early 20th century from a horse-drawn hackney service to a motorised service; this proved to be a highly progressive move in the West Cork transport industry at that time.

Damien Long Skibbereen

Focused on Transport

In the same vein, Damien Long has been at the centre of many successful businesses in both the transport and hospitality sectors in West Cork over the years. He prides himself on taking a hands-on approach to all aspects of business. Nowadays, his time is divided between Dave Long Coach Travel and two hugely successful and highly competitive public transport companies: TravelMaster and West Cork Connect. In short, through their easy-to-use online booking platforms, these two companies have revolutionised the travel industry. As a result, they have taken the hassle out of organising journeys as the customer can dispense with phone reservations and instead use a much more convenient booking process for the modern age. In addition, they offer a useful live-tracking service. 

But Damien’s ambition does not end there: he aims to bring the very first electric bus to West Cork. Having inherited a proud tradition of transport service that dates back generations, he continues to elevate Dave Long Coach Travel to new heights.

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Damien Long TravelMaster


TravelMaster, founded by Damien Long in 2018, is an award-winning event travel specialist operating coaches to all major concerts, festivals and sporting events throughout Ireland. Unlike other Irish event travel companies, you are not required to hire an entire bus with TravelMaster; instead this company facilitates the purchase online of single or group bus tickets to all leading events.

West Cork Connect

Damien Long is the founder of a new venture West Cork Connect, a daily bus service between West Cork and Cork City. Although only operating since 2020, it is already offering bus seats at a cost of nearly 40% cheaper than its competitors.

Click below if you wish to purchase a bus ticket for any destination along the West Cork Connect daily route.

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For all business enquiries please contact Damien Long through our contact page or call 087 840 8808